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Obesity is not a personal weakness or a character flaw – it is a deadly disease that absolutely has to be treated. Bariatric surgery may be an option for adults with severe obesity.

Body mass index (BMI), a measure of height in relation to weight, is used to define levels of obesity. According to the National Institute of Health, clinically severe obesity is a BMI > 40 or a BMI > 35 with a serious health problem linked to obesity. Such health problems could be type 2 diabetes, heart disease, or severe sleep apnea (when breathing stops for short periods during sleep).

Just like other chronic conditions, obesity does not have a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, bariatric surgery encompasses a number of procedures, ranging from minimally invasive bariatric surgery to advanced laparoscopy.

At Tenet Florida Physician Services, our physicians are specially trained in the field of bariatrics and are part of the Surgical Weight Loss Centers across South Florida. Our hospital, Florida Medical Center – a campus of North Shore located in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida has been designated a “Bariatric Center of Excellence” by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS). Over 3000 surgeries have been performed, and most recently the Center has been recognized as having the lowest proven leakage rate in the world.

Our bariatric surgeons at Tenet Florida Physician Services will work with you to determine the best surgical option to meet your specific needs.

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